We are a family business trying to continue the traits that these great dogs own. We breed from the finest stock, hand picked for what we want. Breeding the characteristics pit bulls should have... loyal, fearless, athletic, unrelenting drive and the need to please it's master. If a dog doesn't have this we cull it from our yard, we're not in it for the money, just the love of the breed. Our dogs won't be good gaurd dogs because they love people too much, if you want that get a Doberman. Our dogs excel in Hog Hunting, Weight Pulling, Spring Pole or any task you put in front of them. Our yard is a closed yard because it is our personal residence and we don't need random people stopping by, but if you want you can call and we can answer any questions you have. Thank you for checking us out.  This site is updated often.


No dogs bred, bought, raised or sold for any illegal purpose or activities. 

This is Bugg's "Lady in Red" our foundation bitch. She was bred by the great Mr. Randy Fox out of Oklahoma. She's Carver on top and Garner's "Chinaman" on the bottom through Blankenship's "Tom Tu". A great family dog and very intense in anything she does, including hogging the bed.